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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Why are modern North Africans not black (in general) Part 3 Reader Response

Turkey, they still sell white women from east europe as sex slaves and labour slaves, even in bulgaria and much of the immediate surrounding region, its not hard to actually by a blonde boy or blonde girl for sale by the parents with no money. I am not advising it but a white woman tried to sell me her daughter because she saw I was well dressed with a nice car, I had another time when a blonde white woman from the ghetto was trying to sell her kids in turkey with a sign saying kids for sale. Some will even give their kids away for free because they can't afford to feed them.

I'd also like to add that this alone should be enough to dismiss the arab theory of north Africans. The highest J1 or so called arab dna occurs in people from Morocco who claim not to be arabs! And the lowest j1 or arab dna occurs in Egypt, where they are supposedly 98% Arab! It is thoroughly documented the most arabs entered Egypt (100,000) of all the north african nations, the rest received little arab dna flow.

In which case your left with this. Either the moroccans berbers are truly arabs who are lying calling themselves berbers with 80% arab dna. Or the moroccan berbers are just another group of turk slaves from turkey and turks who deny their j1 turk ancestry like all the other non blacks in north africa

As for the Schellochs being berbers. Please, whites come to africa and started calling themselves berbers. There are no vandals or romans or Gauls or Byzantines in North africa today not because they disappeared but because they started calling themselves berbers

as the turkic Schellouchs of the Riffians, found scattered among the black tribes or atlases of North Africa, also come from old ties emigrations operated by the Gallic mercenaries of the Carthaginians, or the Germans and Gauls the service of the Roman armies, or debris from the Vandal empire destroyed by Belisarius
De l'humanité By Eugene Bodichon pg 18 

-Flavius Belisarius was a general of the Byzantine Empire located in modern turkey, in otherwords turkoids were in north africa going back to the time of the vandals

The schellouchs are a riffian people and not even native to north africa.

Riffians show a high percentage of blondism, higher then the other Berber groups, however they are not of homogeneous ethnic origin; they are from Northern Europe, with about two thirds of Riffians being pinkish-white skinned with mixed or light eyes (reaching ⅘ or 80% in central Rif); the rest are of Mediterranean (mainly of classic Mediterranean or Iberid subtype, but many Riffian Berbers show some blending with Arabs) and Alpine races.[2]
your favourite source. Schellouchs were not true berbers they are northern europeans doing what the white man has done best, steal black culture and they have been doing it for a while. If a berber is not black, which most of them aren't they are not from north africa and are either from turkey, or north europe.

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I aint no crack baby like you, Methuselah. I know my father. Sorry boo.

Majority of the north africans still carry the native north african EM81, choke on that.
I already showed this to be false from your own souce, so this needs no responding

No they dont , you ignorant, they dont live in the same environement. Arabs live in the desert for thousands of years, turks dont. Get your eyes checked.



You sound slow as fk.
Sorry, I dont see not major differencé. They look like continuiums in the same race to me rather than separate peoples. The fact they donèt live in the same environment and all look alike only supports the fact that they are not indigenous and do you not find it strange a desert dwelling people to well look white?

LOL @ you. You went straight to the caucasus moutain chain to prove your point when every test says that the average percentage of J in Turkey is 35%.
I already explained this. Either you didn't read my response or suffer from a reading comprehension issue. I present a point, you see your wrong, then go back to your disproven argument. People can see your losing and look silly. This is where a debate becomes an argument, I'm not here to argue with someone who isn't interested in facts and evidence but political fantasies of being a secret arab. And you do know that Turkey is part of the Caucasus right?


and like i said , turks mostly have J2. They also have a high R1b. both not found profusely in North Africa but You tried tho.
J1 may originates from Eastern Anatolia but the point is that most turks dont carry it. So girl bye.
Therefore Turks DID NOT introduced J1 in North Africa .
J1 originates in Turks, only they could introduce it. You simply can't accept your ancestry and this just proves my point that north africans are lying about their ancestry. Claim to be 99-98% arab yet every encyclopedia shows your lying. 

I already explained Turkey is a diverse nation. Half of it was owned by greece when greece was invaded by white people. Black people settled it in the neolithic period. and then hordes of asiatic and germanics from the collapse of Rome. Turkey was the seat of the eastern roman empire that outlasted the western one by hundreds of years. Of course Turkey is going to have admixture like r1b and e1b1b. However in Eastern turkey we find high amounts of j1 and going into the caucaus we find the highest j1 in the world reaching 99%. Your own sources show j1 originates in Turkey. I cited Peer Reviewed genetic studies show modern day non-black arabs have 62% turkish origins and the remainder is split with black and an eastern source from central asia and india amongst others. Turks having mostly j2 actually only supports my point that arabs are not distinct because its a sister clade and the parent clade j is turk as well and so is j1. Modern turks still carry j1, your own source proves it, and it occurs highest in the turk like neighbours, almost 2-3 the level of arabs

"The main reason why J1 is low in Turkey TODAY only confirms what I am saying that it is because these were the turks who went out and colonized arabia and North Africa,"
Nene's Great Laugh - YouTube

Girl please , have two seats, one for you, the other for All of your fake ass straight to garbage stories.
indigeneous black arabs? really? bye

dr wesley muhammad a professor in islamic studies.
white arabs please

Imam of the most important mosque in islam from the central arabian tribes not from slaves

Because most north sudanese are mixed with arab , dummy.
You say the highest percentage of J are found and were from the caucasus and now you say the J1 holders were sudaneses? GET HELP!
j1 in sudan

You cannot explain why someone who is MIXED with arab has more of the so called arab dna marker than the actual arab! sudan 75% j1cd, lebanon 20%, saudis 33% according to your own eupedia and Sudan has higher sets of certain j1 than all other arab nation, the only place with higher j1 is in the caucaus! Nubians are 41% j1 and Egyptians are lower j1 uae 35%, palestine 38%, oman 38%, Qatar 58%, Egypt 21% Tuniia 30% syria 30%. So what sense does it make that the blackest looking arabs are the ones with the most marker for the arab in the arab world = originals arabs were black. 

You probably do not posess the brain capacity to follow a simple argument. J1 occurs highest in the caucaus. Most Caucaus people aren't arabs. Sudanese people have the highest j1c in the so called arab world. But caucaus people have it highest. I was merely illustrating to you that the people with the most arab dna are 1 group black, other group not arab. Your own sources agree with me. You got whipped.

Yes run from the truth.

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