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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Black Ottoman Elite

Harem women feeding pidgeons with black harem master.

Black men with white snake harem performers

68. More of the same



71. Turko-arab harem performs for black men

72. Black men with white harem girls
Note the 2 black men with their tall hats, I haven't deciphered who they are yet by name. It appears the second is the finance minister of the Ottoman empire (defterdar) or in charge of the mint (darphane emini). Not only from the hat but even down to the color of his man dress. The man with the pointy hat of white color appears to be the naval commander or admiral of the navy, he is the number one commander of all ottoman turkish sea forces. Its obvious from his hat and the color of his man dress (white pointy conical hat and green man dress was how they usually dressed for that position). And it does make sense when you consider not just any jo-schmo could have a palace on the ocean a bunch of harems and guards around

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